Classes and Groups

If groups are your thing, then come and join us! All groups are facilitated and limited in size so that everyone gets to participate in a deep and meaningful way. Currently, groups are being held virtually via Zoom.**


This Spirited Life - Through deep listening and heart centered sharing, group members will find a place to explore their own issues of transition, change, and transformation. If you're feeling isolated and disconnected through these days, this group might be for you. In this facilitated bi-weekly group, topics are chosen to promote reflection and sharing relevant to all. Each session, you will have a chance to share deeply and support other group members. Participants in this group have said that they feel more connected to their own lives, feel deep compassion for others, and have gained an enhanced optimism for our human spirit. This group offers inspiration, sharing and hope.  For more info susie@thisspiritedlife.com

Your Next Best Thing - This small group is intended for those who are facing a new transition or actively engaging in a life change and feel like they could benefit from ongoing support. If you are wanting to embark on something new or maybe already have but are feeling stuck, then this facilitated group is for you! You will find that setting goals in a group setting and being surrounded by others travelling similar roads will be immensely helpful. We work on setting realistic goals, managing blocks and difficulties, troubleshooting tough spots and celebrating successes. Wrap up 2017 with a sense of accomplishment and start 2018 well on your way to Your Next Best Thing! Limited to 5 participants. TFor more info susie@thisspiritedlife.com

ENNEAGRAM GROUPS: The Enneagram is dynamic psycho-spiritual tool helpful for figuring out why we keep getting stuck in the same spots in life and what makes others tick. I have been studying the Enneagram for the past 10 years and have found it invaluable for my own self-knowledge and growth and for navigating all of my relationships. I believe that it is an excellent starting point for all things personal. You can find out more about the Enneagram by visiting here: http://enneagramassociation.org/what-is-the-enneagram/ 

Enneagram In an Hour! An impossibly quick overview of this dynamic psycho-spiritual tool. I love the Enneagram for self-knowledge, as a path for growth and for understanding others and relationships. Once a month, I present an overview of the personality styles so you can see how it could benefit you, your own growth and give clarity to relationships around you. The Enneagram is a system which explores different personality styles and we all react to different life circumstances. susie@thisspiritedlife.com

Enneagram Exploration - Understanding Ourselves and Others

The beauty of the Enneagram is its depth and complexity. While knowing our type is helpful for all aspects of our life as it shows us the patterns and behaviors that limit us, a deeper understanding leads to immense self-awareness and growth. In this monthly class we'll spend more time on each Enneagram personality style looking at patterning, growth, and how each type relates to another. We will explore wings and subtypes as well as touching on how we can break free of patterns that have controlled us for our whole lives. Understanding what drives our behaviors and our thought patterns is a great way to unlock our best selves and to start to live free of what limits us. Not only will this class help you to understand your own self in a deeper way but it will inevitably help in all of your relationships.   susie@thisspiritedlife.com

**If you're hesitant about a virtual class, I get it! But try it out! I have participated in and led virtual groups for the past five years and find them to be convenient and they are just as effective as being there "in person." Give it a whirl! I am happy to offer workshops in person if you are n the Bay Area and interested - please send me an email and we'll figure something out.

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