Heart-Centered Coaching and Counseling

Working Together in Coaching

I work with individuals to support them wherever they are and to help them get to wherever they might want to go. I offer support during times of transition and change as well as times when you might just not feel like you are living the life you want. 

Transition and Change

Change and transition can be anything from job changes to transitions in one's family - kids growing, empty nest, parents aging. Transitions can be difficult. They can throw us off balance and have us wondering what is next and will I survive? Transitions can also feel lonely and chaotic - often it is difficult to talk about our fears or doubts with others and we need a place where we are truly heard and supported.


I also work with people who want to make a change or who are un-wantingly thrown into a sea of change. Support during times of transition is essential to move forward with grace while being true to your own compass. Whether you are facing a time of critical choice or wanting subtle change, support is available to you.

People seek support at all different times. For some, transitions often requesting clarity are:​

  • Job Transitioning - entering a job transition by choice or not. I offer support in exploring options, making choices and adjusting to whatever your work life might bring.​

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders - starting a new business or getting your current business unstuck is a place of great transition. I have run a few businesses and love to encourage and support people looking at starting small businesses. Having individual, ongoing support can make all the difference to your success. While keeping your goals in sight, we will work to find your own balance so you can weather any storms.

  • "Spiritual" Transitions - beginning to explore or continuing to deepen your spiritual life can be a place of rich transition. We are all, always, on a spiritual journey of some sort. If you want to explore where your spiritual life has been and is going, I love  these conversations. I work with people who describe themselves as "Spiritual But Not Religious" or not at all spiritual. 


We all bring wisdom, experience, success, failure, and curiosity when we're living life at our best. BUT, feeling stuck, being in transition, change, and accumulated doubt can make us forget our best selves. I help you to find your best self and to make your life choices based on your deepest values and beliefs.

I believe you are whole and can follow your true north. I believe that sometimes everyone needs help in finding their internal compass. Our work together is not therapy but does indeed have a healing quality in helping you to move forward.

In working with anyone, I bring the resources and experiences I have accumulated. I have been studying human behavior, psychology, and spirituality for the past twenty years and will bring all that I know, with a dose of humor and a cup of tea, to support you in your journey.

If you have questions - please see the FAQs page

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION for the non-religious

Spiritual Direction is one of the modalities I work with in offering deep listening and support. I work with women and men, teens through adults who might describe themselves as "Spiritual, but Not Religious" or "Spiritually Independent" or simply "Spiritual" or even "Not Spiritual and Not Religious".

Spiritual Direction is a perfect solution for when you're feeling disengaged from ,your life, a little blah, or feeling like you wonder what your purpose might be. It is a great alternative to therapy when you feel like you need support in your life or might want to explore life's bigger questions.

Through Spiritual Direction you will:

  • Clarify your deepest values,

  • Find ways to live a life of intention and mindfulness,

  • Discover the style of your spiritual life - anything from experiences in nature to gathering knowledge to reflection and contemplation

  • Find language and practices that support you and your spiritual path,

  • Explore the story of your spiritual path,

  • Start or deepen your spiritual practices,

  • Refresh or renew your spiritual journey.

Everyone is should explore their spiritual life - no matter what words you use. If you describe yourself as "spiritual but not religious", atheist, or agnostic, it is easy to feel like that part of your life is untended to, vague, and unsupported. It is easy to lose touch with one's spiritual connection and it is natural to have an evolving spiritual life that sometimes needs attention or reassessment.  Your spiritual path can start from a traditional faith or be constructed from a rich life story.


Spiritual Direction is a place where those explorations can happen in an intimate and ongoing context. I love working with those who would consider themselves "spiritual but not religious" or have an eclectic spiritual life. Our work together will be based on your spiritual journey. We will explore where you are, where you want to be going, and together, find a way to get there.

For more information or further conversation, please contact me at susie@thisspiritedlife.com

Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellation is an experiential way to shift the patterning which we often hold due to our family history. When we act and reaction it can be due to patterning that has been embedded due to generational trauma and pain. Our current dilemmas can be relieved and resolved through a looking at both the history of our own pain and that of our family systems. We can remain entangled in the trauma of those who came before us without even realizing it. 

Based on work by Bert Hellinger, this work is a powerful way to see the roots of conflict and trauma in our own lives. As an experiential modality - it is a potent tool to unlock conflict and resistance in our lives and relationships. 

I facilitate one-on-one constellations as a way to help you see a path through troubled dynamics in family life, work relationship, and your own motivation to step into something new. 

For further information, contact me at susie@thisspiritedlife.com

Stepping Into

Your Next Best Thing

Are you starting something new? Are you stepping into your dreams? Are you starting up a business, a project, a transition to something new for yourself?

At these crucial times of beginnings and transition, coaching offers you individualized support to help you meet all of your goals. So often dreams of change are squashed by feeling like it's impossible or by hitting spots that are difficult. Working together we can both hold your vision of your success and get through difficult spots that may arise.

I have had 5 businesses and worked in essential roles in many organizations. I know how we can spiral into a place of self doubt and get frozen and stuck when we don't have support and I am continually inspired by our ability to move forward and make incredible leaps when we find the right support. Coaching offers the support we often crave to get ourselves into action.I understand what it takes to set realistic goals, leap over hurdles, maintain the vision and enjoy the rewards. Having someone who is in your corner with you can be your key to success.

If you're really ready to step into YOUR NEXT BEST THING - I offer a six month coaching bundle that will truly help you get there! Click here for more info.

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