Let's face it - life can feel daunting sometimes. Whether you're wanting to make change in your life, in the midst of transition, feeling tired of the ways things are going, or just want to be more reflective of your day-to-day and can't seem to figure out how - we all can feel overwhelmed and weary. 

For over 20 years, I have been supporting people as they move through transitions and changes to live the life that they want. Often, as much as we love and adore our friends and family, it is can be difficult to turn to them at times when we need courage, unwavering support, and focus. I offer deep listening and coaching as you wrestle with whatever hurdle you might face. 

What kind of people do I work with? 

  • Teens wrestling with questions of self-esteem and self-worth

  • 20 somethings setting up their life 

  • 30 somethings struggling with issues of parenthood (including should I or shouldn't I) and career changes

  • 40 somethings balancing parenthood and career as well as coaching around parenting issues

  • 50 somethings discovery what their next best thing might be and issues of aging parents

  • 60 somethings settling into a new rhythm, wrestling with life issues

I work one-on-one with people who feel muddled about life and yearn for clarity. I support women, men, adults and teens as they navigate their own spirited life. Through deep listening,  compassionate curiosity, and a healthy dose of levity and humor, I help clients to feel grounded in their own explorations and decisions.

Our sessions have the feel of therapy for people who need support in their lives and the sessions tend to be oriented towards reflective noticing, next steps, and goals based in their own deepest life values. Through clarifying conversations, our work together leads to great personal growth and well-being. 

I bring many modalities together and offer support in these two ways:

  • Support for meeting a specific goal while encouraging a balance of well being for body, mind and spirit. Working with people in transition as well as those launching their next best thing.​

  • Support for navigating transitions as well as life's biggest questions and quandaries.

​Please look around this site to find out more about me, what I do, and how to connect.

I look forward to meeting you!